Reconciling PCard Transactions in PeopleSoft

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Reconciling PCard Transactions in PeopleSoft
This article provides information pertaining to Pcard transaction approvals and reconciliation.
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Purchases made on the Procurement Card (PCard) must be reconciled in PeopleSoft. System access is required. For system access, please email Purchases made on the PCard are available for approval in the PeopleSoft Procurement Card System, typically within three to five days of the actual purchase.

Cardholders and/or departmental proxies are able to view charges online and, if necessary, distribute charges to the appropriate PeopleSoft Chart fields. A charge will automatically post to the default PeopleSoft Chart fields (DeptId or grant) in 21 days if the Cardholder or Proxy does not approve it.  Not approving in PeopleSoft may result in extra paperwork by the Cardholder and/or Proxy to reallocate funds.  Within PeopleSoft, a user can include a justification for the charge(s).  However, once the expense has been posted, a justification cannot be made retroactively (although an attachment can be made to a line of entry).  

Users are encouraged to attach PCard receipts in PeopleSoft as opposed to a hardcopy. Receipts are required for all charges.  See page 13 of the Guide to PCard in PeopleSoft for instructions.

When reviewing travel card expenses within Apptricity, and you find a charge that needs to be disputed, please contact TSS.  If you had personal expenses on your card and owe Tufts money, or if a vendor gives you a refund check for a previous purchase, please send the check to TSS with the travel report number.  We will process the paperwork and deposit the check.

A cardholder may dispute any charge that appears on the Procurement Card system. If there is a charge that is not recognized by the Cardholder or appears to be incorrect, the Cardholder must submit a dispute form (see below in related information) within 60 days after the transaction date. A copy of the form should also be mailed to TSS at 169 Holland St. Somerville.  The form should be emailed to the fraud team at

During JP Morgan Chase’s investigation, they will issue a credit to the Procurement Card account in question for the disputed amount. When the investigation is complete, the cardholder will be notified of the resolution. If unsatisfied with the resolution, please contact TSS.

If you are waiting for a credit from a supplier and do not receive it, you should file a dispute. JP Morgan Chase will automatically give you a credit and work with the supplier. Please remember, credit processing can take up to 30 days.  If you have a check to deposit as an offset to a transaction, send check and information to TSS.

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