How To Complete An IDR

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How To Complete An IDR
Step by step instructions on how to complete an Interdepartmental Requisition
Interdepartmental Requisition, how to, credit authorization, debit authorization
The Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) is used for internal procurement at Tufts.  Use this document when ordering goods or services from internal cost centers within the university, which include various labs, public safety, Medford dining/catering, library services, and others. The online IDR form, which should also be sent to TSS for processing.  Directions to complete the online version are attached to the form itself. 

Please make sure that the IDR is signed by responsible individuals for both funding sources.  Also, any IDR that is over $5000 and affects a GRANT, must be approved by OVPR Post Award. Online IDRs are digitally signed.

Note:  On the form, the debit is the funding source being charged; the credit is the department providing the services or goods. The requisition number appears in the PeopleSoft financial transaction detail report for reference purposes.  

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