Directions To Complete An Expense Transfer

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Directions To Complete An Expense Transfer
Step by step instructions to complete an expense transfer form, which corrects a posted non-compensation entry.
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An Expense Transfer Form (aka Cost Transfer) is completed to correct a transaction already posted to PeopleSoft.  When completing the document, the debit (or the +) is the funding source that is going to be charged once the correction has been processed.  The credit (or the -) is the funding source from which the charge is being moved (or the original charged location).  Debits and credits should net to zero.  Please note that a charge can be moved in full, or in part.  The expense transfer form is not used to make corrections to salary/benefits; only non-compensation transactions.  Make sure the transfer form is signed by a responsible person for both funding sources; the signatures are at the bottom of the Form.  Unsigned expense transfers will be returned to the originator.  Here are instructions for a user to affix their digital signature.  

Note:  these directions apply to moving an expense, not revenue.  If trying to adjust revenue that has been deposited, the signs would be reversed.  However, if the revenue is a gift, you should first speak with your Advancement officer so it is re-booked properly.

If TSS receives an expense transfer which affects a grant, we will not process and will in turn send to the Post-Award office.  Please visit their website for more details about expense transfer requirements.
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